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Settle in Faster at Your Own Pace

Relocation Support Services in 53 Countries Worldwide

Engaging an in-person agent for their time is costly. Services can be generic, are often time-constrained, and with little flexibility for the assignee. Couple this with the problems that social distancing can bring - we do not recommend traveling in a car with other people outside of your family unit.


In contrast, the ReloDrive service is safe and affordable. Through the use of the preferred app by executive business travelers, assignees can independently complete many of their destination services.

We provide assignees with a tailored transportation solution and a digital itinerary which allows them to 

settle in at their own pace.​

Area Familiarization & Settling-in Service

A simple 3-step process combined in The Essential Package, including transportation. Assignees are provided with a customized, real-time digital itinerary that incorporates navigation and syncs with the assignee’s calendar.

According to the assignee’s needs, we schedule all the essential appointments to start their new life. The itinerary can include local government registration, home finding, education support, local banking, and other useful services.

This is what makes ReloDrive a cut above the rest! We are a specialized global mobility solution servicing corporations and Relocation Management Companies with their international assignees.

Efficient - Flexible - Safer

1. We Plan

2. We Guide

3. Your Pace


1. We Plan

The process starts with an in-depth briefing with a ReloDrive in-country Specialist.

The briefing is done through a face to face video conference or telephone call.


Based on the individual needs of the assignee, ReloDrive creates a customized itinerary.


2. We Guide

Before departure, we provide your assignee the easy-to-use TripIt app with their personalized itinerary. The app will support the assignee throughout their relocation.

To ensure that the assignee understands the app, we provide an instructional video and installation guide.


The TripIt app includes flight and rental car information, local appointments with navigation, and useful information about the destination city.

3. Your Pace

Since the app helps with navigation, there is no need for an agent in the car.


The app allows the assignee to easily navigate their new surroundings and efficiently handle essential tasks at their own pace.


Should something get in the way of completing all tasks on the itinerary - don't worry - the information will still be in the app!

Social Distancing & Following Local Rules

The ReloDrive service is perfect for assignees who want to follow global social distancing recommendations.

In most countries, having an agent in the vehicle with the assignee is either against the law or strongly discouraged. 

Example: "Agents should not drive clients to appointments." according to the U.K. COVID-19 Government webpageread more here.

AdobeStock_178433489 Small.png
AdobeStock_170295666 Small.png

An App for Professionals

This is the preferred app by frequent business travelers, Executives, VPs, and Directors.


We use the travel industry's best itinerary platform TripIt to deliver a user-friendly experience on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

With 20 million downloads, many assignees already have the Tripit app installed.

The app has built-in security protection. The personal information is encrypted and located in a secure SAS70 Type II certified data center.

Work Smarter!

The assignee can expect real-time updates and all the information required, directly to their device. From the minute they leave their home. A few app features:

  • Sync plans with assignee's calendar 

  • Use the app for future business trips for free

  • Interactive map integration

  • Share itinerary with family/co-workers

  • Access across devices

  • Shows neighborhood safety scores

  • Sends real-time flight alerts

  • Provides country-specific travel info 

  • Finds Points of Interest near your location


4.8 out of 5.0 rating on the App Store.

Worldmap ReloDrive small version.png

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

ReloDrive currently serves 53 countries with Relocation Support Services. Our goal is to cover 75 countries by the end of 2020.

Please contact us if the country you want service in is missing. We will then research and tailor a solution for you.

Global centralized billing service available in AUD, EUR, GBP, SGD, and USD.


We already offer a variety of car services in over 150 countries. 

Our Global Specialist Network

For ReloDrive to deliver a locally anchored experience, we depend on our local Area Specialists to assist the assignees.


Across 53 countries, we have hundreds of vetted Area Specialists—all with prior relocation experience with traditional destination services providers.


Meet some of the wonderful people on our team on our "About" webpage


Our Service

Consist of two parts: 

The Essential Package + Add-on Services 

The included services vary from country to country.

The Essential Package

  • Two days of Familiarization &  Settling-In Services

  • Rental Car for one week

  • Customized digital full-day itinerary

  • Welcome pack with helpful local information


   Download our brochure

Add-on Services

  • Home Finding

  • Move-in Package

  • Education Support

  • WhatsApp Chat Support

  • Extra Itinerary Days

  • Expat Car Leasing

  • Airport Transfer

  • Chauffeur Service

  • Long-term Rental Car

For more details on our services see below

For specific pricing choose a country below


Service section

The Essential Package

For many expats, The Essential Package provides the ideal level of service to support their arrival. 

In addition to transportation arrangements and Welcome Pack, the Essential Package itinerary can include:

  • Local registration (if required)

  • Help to open a bank account

  • Driver’s license exchange (if required)

  • Parking permits

  • Sourcing local amenities such as shops, restaurants, gyms, play areas, parks, and public transport options.

  • Guidance on healthcare, insurances

  • Assistance with setting up utilities such as gas, electricity, water, internet, satellite TV

If you have your own transportation, we can deliver The Essential Package without a rental car.


Please click "COUNTRIES" to find details and pricing. 

Add-on Services - for Safety and Convenience

Make Safety and Convenience a Priority

Take Advantage of our Additional Service Options! 


Assistance with finding accommodation fitting both work and lifestyle needs


Offer submission, lease review with guidance on checking in and key handover


Advice and guidance from the area specialist via messaging platform - WhatsApp, WeChat etc.


Guidance on education options and application procedures for assignee's children


Let one of our chauffeurs safely bring your assignee to their destination in comfort.


Let your assignee optimize their time  while a chauffeur safely drives them to their appointments


Many expats need 30 to 60 days of car rental until a long-term lease is in place


Personal Car Shopper Service for individual car leasing. Guidance, quotes, test-drives, registration and delivery


Expat Car Leasing

Our program will save time, hassle and money.


Expatriates can get a car without a local credit history or a local driver's license. We provide leasing for new cars and used cars in most countries.

When arriving in a new country it can be difficult to be approved for any type of credit due to the lack of local credit history. Together with local partners, we have created vehicle leasing and financing programs specifically tailored to international professionals. 

The "Personal Car Shopper Service" gives the benefit of a skilled and knowledgeable contact person who understands the local auto market.

Start the process before or after the move.


Home Finding Service

Finding new housing arrangements is extremely important for successfully adjusting to life in a foreign country. The main priority is to find accommodation fitting both work and lifestyle needs.

ReloDrive can source and book in pre-screened properties for your assignee to view. If your assignee prefers to be guided by a local home finding agent, ReloDrive can make the necessary arrangements. 


Should your assignee need help with the finer details, our Move-In services include offer submission, lease review, arranging key handover, and utilities set up.  

ReloDrive Provides the Right Keys to Your New Life!


Why Upgrade

with a Driver?

Driving in a foreign country can be challenging. 

A local chauffeur allows your assignee to conveniently take in their new surroundings. Extra benefit - the assignee don't have to search for parking and will be dropped off right in front of the entrance.

For safety reasons, all drivers wear masks. 

The Best Travelling App

Instead of creating our own stand-alone app for ReloDrive, we chose the one preferred the most by frequent travelers. The TripIt app has over 20 million downloads and is the highest rated trip planner.

This is an app that the assignee will find valuable for their own future travels.

TripIt is developed by SAP Concur, part of SAP SE a multi-billion dollar software company.

google store logo.png

4.4 out of 5

57,348 Reviews


4.8 out of 5

182,100 Reviews


9 out of 10

By Tech Magazine

Traditional DSP vs ReloDrive

What is the difference?


ReloDrive is similar to traditional DSP services when it comes to the preparation and empathy shown in planning the assignee's settling-in success. 


The difference is how we deliver our relocation support. 

Before GPS navigation was readily available in cars and phones, it was helpful to have a local agent in the vehicle to guide through local traffic to the next destination.

However, through ReloDrive's use of technology, the assignee no longer needs an agent in the car with them. This gives the assignee much more flexibility, lowers the cost, and ensures social distancing.

See the PDF below for a direct comparison of a traditional DSP vs ReloDrive.

53 Countries - Choose Your Destination

Click the map or flags below

Choose Destination
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Panama, Peru, Poland, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, and United Arab Emirates.
Note: If the country you want service in is not listed, please contact us, and we will research and tailor a solution for you. Email us at

Test Drive the ReloDrive Service

  • Experience how we deliver the service

  • A tailored itinerary will be delivered according to your preferences

  • Essential and Add-on services

  • The test will be done virtually

A great way for your clients to experience the service before any decisions are made


Involve the Family

Settling into your new surroundings is a great opportunity to involve the whole family. You can together learn about and navigate the area.

With ReloDrive, you have the time and flexibility to make it a family experience.

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