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We're on a mission to upgrade the Destination Services industry!

Everything we do is to make a positive difference. EMPATHY, INNOVATION, and IMPACT are our key focus points.


We believe in challenging the status quo and we believe in thinking differently!

We are challenging the costly, non-flexible in-person destination services approach.


Key deliveries in our services are:

  • Autonomous service

  • Flexibility on-the-go

  • Value for money

  • Following social distancing recommendations

The assignee is in the driver's seat of their own life. We support via digital deliveries at their convenience.


We work to create a winning culture, across our companies. Sustaining a creative, humble, and independent workforce, and encouraging a healthy work-life balance. 

We empower each other to bring unique perspectives and experiences to work, and we continually seek new ways to do so.

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Code of Conduct

The ReloDrive Code of Conduct is one of the ways we put our values into practice. It’s built around the recognition that everything we do in connection with our work will be, and should be, measured against the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct.


Respect for our clients and partners, for the opportunity, and for each other are foundational to our success and are something we need to support every day.

Quality Seal

The EuRA Global Quality Seal is the world’s first accreditation program for relocation providers.

Based on an ISO 9001 process management model, the EuRA Global Quality Seal specifies the processes and KPI's that reflect the very highest standards in relocation services. 


Klippa Relocation obtained the EuRA Global Quality Seal+ in May 2020.

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Our Team

ReloDrive is a unique combination of Klippa Relocation, a destination services company, and ExpatRide International an individual motorized mobility company.

ExpatRide International

Founded in 2011, ExpatRide is the relocation industry's largest provider of individual motorized mobility solutions across 175 countries. 

ExpatRide's global partner network consists of

over 100 quality vendors.

Offices in Denmark, the United Kingdom, and

the United States.

Klippa Relocation

Founded in 2012, Klippa provides relocation services to the global mobility marketplace.


Helping 1000’s of people every year navigate their way across the globe.

Klippa obtained the EuRA Global Quality Seal+ in May 2020.

Offices in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Join Our Team

We're looking for Area Specialists in every country. Do you want to join a new rapidly growing business that's making waves in the industry?

We need people that are passionate about customer service, empathetic about the struggles of moving to a new location, and that have excellent knowledge of their city or location. 

The position is virtual, however, you will need to live in the city/area you will be servicing. Consultations and support of our customers will be done via face-to-face video calls, telephone, and WhatsApp chat (or similar).


If the above sounds like you and you have a good eye for detail, are able to problem solve quickly and are proficient in cloud and app-based IT platforms. Then,


please contact us today -

We offer competitive rates and flexible hours. 

All positions are self-employed.

Our Global Specialist Network

For ReloDrive to deliver a locally anchored experience, we depend on our local Area Specialists to assist the assignees. Meet some of the wonderful people on our team.

Anna Zieleniewska Pic - US.jpg

Anna Zieleniewska

United States - Austin

Originally from Poland, Anna is currently based in Austin, Texas, where she helps expatriate families fall in love with the city. Prior to her role as a Destination Services Consultant, Anna has gained global mobility & relocation experience in various countries in Europe and Mexico.

Anna believes open communication is key to a successful relocation. She loves finding solutions and the best options for her assignees. She is also a co-founder of a Non Profit with a mission to connect people of diverse backgrounds to experience art together.


Geri Sampson

Greater London

Geri is an experienced and qualified property professional having worked in multiple facets of the industry including projects, property, and lettings management. Her extensive lettings experience means she can anticipate agents’ and landlord’s needs and advise her clients accordingly. 

Geri has first-hand experience of international relocation, having moved to the UK twelve years ago. She knows first-hand how daunting the move can be and alleviates any concerns clients may have by offering advice and information on processes. 

Gayatri Lobo Pic - IN.jpg

Gayatri Lobo

India - Bangalore

Gayatri has been living in Bangalore for the last 19 years.

Over the last sixteen years, Gayatri has worked with a varied range of multinational expatriates at a senior level with some of the largest companies in the world to ensure that the process of settling into India meets all their specific requirements. 

She has a varied knowledge of Bangalore and the neighboring Southern States as this city is geographically ideal for many drive & short stay holidays.  Her experience in cultural sensitivity training for corporates helps her brief clients of local nuances.

Maryna Sawyer Pic - CZ.png

Maryna Sawyer

Czech Republic - Prague

Maryna is an enthusiastic and experienced professional in the relocation industry. She has lived in several countries, which has given her experience as an expat beyond her work experience. She is always eager to help assignees and make sure that they feel comfortable in their new destination.


Maryna’s particular focus on attention to detail means that she provides best-in-class services to assignees and their families


Maryna is also fluent in English, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian.

Sandy Smuts Pic 3 - ZA.png

Sandy Smuts

South Africa - Johannesburg

Sandy worked in customer service for a major International Petrochemical company before moving to the Middle East. She managed the destination services department; she knows what it feels like to start from scratch and find your feet in a new country.

 After a few years in Qatar, Sandy returned to South Africa, where she continued in relocation, making her clients feel welcome in their new home. 

Sandy has a good knowledge of Johannesburg and the surrounding areas and will go out of her way to make her clients feel special.

Diane Bergmann Pic - CA.jpeg

Diane Bergmann

Canada - Winnipeg

Over the years, Diane has worn many different hats to develop the skills and passion to join the relocation industry.


A life-changing relocation experience for her family to Memphis, TN, and the ensuing desire to create the same positive adventure for her clients. Experience truly is the best teacher, and because Diane has journeyed through an expat move, she can anticipate hurdles and alleviate concerns as she assists clients.

Winnipeg is a great city, and Diane can’t wait to share it and make it home!

Wilfred Saldanha Pic - IN.jpg

Wilfred Saldanha

India - Mumbai

Wilfred has a wealth of experience within the Relocation industry across the APAC region. Wilfred has been influential with high profile moves across India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore & Sri Lanka.


Wilfred works with a variety of clients ranging from graduates through to CEOs and properties ranging from studios to exclusive mansions in private estates. Wilfred will always go the extra mile to achieve a successful outcome for his assignees and looks to build long-term trusting relationships. Wilfred is a very good conversationalist, which contributes to his great rapport with clients and their families.

Beth Loughery Pic - US.jpeg

Beth Loughery

United States -

South Florida

Beth has a wealth of experience within Global Mobility and real estate professions for over 30 years.


Having previously been a real estate agent,  Beth can advise on the technical details of the process and assist with any queries or concerns the assignees may encounter.


Beth has proven to go the extra mile to make sure each relocating family achieves a successful move in their new hometown and to be continuing support throughout their assignment.

Part of the Global Mobility Community

ExpatRide and Klippa are both members of EuRA. The European Relocation Association's mission is to promote the benefits of professionally managed relocation and mobility services to companies with globally mobile employees.

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