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FREE - Test Drive the service
From the comfort of your desk

ReloDrive is on a mission to upgrade the Destination Services industry!

Do you want to experience how? 


  • Experience how we deliver the service

  • A tailored itinerary will be created according to your preferences

  • Essential Package

  • The test will be done virtually

Experience the one-to-one needs assessment, tailored itinerary, and many features of the app delivery.


A great way for your clients to experience the service before any decisions are made.

The Test Drive Process

We will start with an intro call at your convenience. The virtual Test Drive will then be initiated and can be completed at your own pace!

1.   We will provide a needs assessment form for each person to fill out.
2.   This should be completed with the details of what the person would like to achieve from our two-day familiarization and settling-in service. We recommend picking a high volume destination that they are familiar with.
3.   When completed this will be sent to
4.   We will provide details on the app and how to download it
5.   The app will be populated with all of their service details
6.   A bespoke welcome pack will be provided

How to get started

Fill out the form below with your preferred date for an intro call before we start the process.

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