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Transportation - an Overlooked Service in the Relocation Industry

Transportation is an often-neglected relocation service, yet for assignees, it is one of the most important needs to address. To easily adjust to life abroad, assignees require a convenient way to get to and from work and go about their daily chores.

ReloDrive is unique in that we provide a tailored transportation solution as part of our destination services.

The Essential Package includes a rental car for 7 days (although the rental period could be extended if necessary). We can also assist with Airport Transfer and Chauffeur Service depending on the requirements of the assignee.

Long-term Transportation Solutions

After the initial acclimatization period is over, we can assist with Expat Car Leasing as a long-term transportation solution.

When arriving in a new country, it can be difficult to be approved for any type of credit due to the lack of local credit history. Together with local partners, we have created vehicle leasing and financing programs specifically tailored to international professionals.

This means that your assignee's creditworthiness is not evaluated by their local credit history, but instead on their current situation.

Expat Car Leasing - 51 Countries

We currently offer car leasing services in 51 countries across the globe, with competitive interest rates and options. The car leasing process can be started before or after arrival in the new country.

Personal Car Shopper Service

Understandably, many expats find it challenging to navigate the car market in their new country. With the “Personal Car Shopper Service”, you will get personalized advice from a knowledgeable and skilled contact person who perfectly knows the expatriate auto market in your new location. Since we operate over email and phone, you can adhere to safe COVID-19 practices.

Want to learn more about the ReloDrive Services or receiving pricing information?

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