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ReloDrive: We Plan, We Guide, Your Pace

The ReloDrive process is designed to be simple. We will tailor an itinerary according to your assignees needs and deliver it on an easy-to-use app.

​The itinerary can include local government registration, home finding, education support, local banking, and other useful services. Conveniently, all the information is organized in the app, and the assignee can complete the tasks at their own pace. There is no risk that the assignee won't make their appointments on time, since the app includes reminders and navigation.

1. We Plan

The process starts with an in-depth briefing with a ReloDrive in-country Specialist.

The briefing is done through a face to face video conference or telephone call.

Based on the individual needs of the assignee, ReloDrive creates a customized itinerary.

2. We Guide

Before departure, we provide your assignee the easy-to-use TripIt app with their personalized itinerary. The app will support the assignee throughout their relocation.

To ensure that the assignee understands the app, we provide an instructional video and installation guide.

The TripIt app includes flight and rental car information, local appointments with navigation, and useful information about the destination city.

3. Your Pace

Since the app helps with navigation, there is no need for an agent in the car.

The app allows the assignee to easily navigate their new surroundings and efficiently handle essential tasks at their own pace.​

Should something get in the way of completing all tasks on the itinerary - don't worry - the information will still be in the app!

Want to learn more about the ReloDrive Services or receiving pricing information?

Please email us at or visit


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