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ReloDrive Services Explained

The ReloDrive services consists of two parts - The Essential Package + Add-on Services.

The services included vary from country to country. You can choose services with or without rental car.


In addition to flight and transportation the itinerary can include:

• Local registration (if required)

• Help to open a bank account

• Driver’s license exchange (if required)

• Parking permits

• Sourcing local amenities such as shops, restaurants,

gyms, play areas, parks, and public transport options.

• Guidance on healthcare, insurances

• Assistance with setting up utilities such as gas,

electricity, water, internet, satellite TV


ReloDrive’s Home Finding Service gives assignees all the assistance and guidance needed when looking for their new home whilst putting them in the driving seat.

An initial needs assessment interview takes place with the assignee to establish their specific requirements.

Any areas of concern are highlighted if the requirements are likely to im­pede the search and general advice is given on current market conditions.

Thorough and comprehensive market research is completed and the itinerary uploaded to the TripIt app where the assignee can view full property and location details. A PDF copy is also provided to the RMC.

The assignee uses the TripIt app’s map facility to navigate between properties on the day.

The assignee can expect to see 8-10 properties per Home Finding but this is, of course, subject to change based on market conditions and personal requirements.

Viewings can be split across multiple days should the assignee wish or if it is necessary due to agent or landlord availability.

ReloDrive’s Education Support offers families relocating with children additional guidance on education options in their destination location.

An interview takes place with the assignee and guidance provided on the local educational system, including:

- Overview of ages (Compulsory and voluntary attendance ages)

- School structure

- School rating system/inspecting bodies if applicable

- Exams/qualifications offered

A tailored local education report is provided including details of up to five schools in the destination location, complete with entry requirements, deadline dates and application procedures.

Tours of up to three schools can be booked at the assignee’s request (subject to any visiting restrictions the schools may have in place).

Move-In Package: Once a property has been found, the Move-In Package provides all the assistance needed to successfully complete the following stages:

After confirming the full offer details with the assignee, the offer is submit­ted to the landlord or their agent and negotiated to ensure the assignee has obtained the best possible rate and tenancy conditions in-line with local legislation and practice.

A comprehensive lease review takes place to ensure the key points are included. An overview of key lease terms is provided to the assignee in advance of the lease being signed.

Guidance is also provided on inven­tories and check-in protocols in the destination location and advice on key collection procedures for move-in day.

The Chat Service offers live chat support to the assignee on their chosen day (commonly used on a scheduled service day). The area specialist is on hand to answer any questions as they arise within 15 minutes.

RMCs can be added to the chat group or a summary of the day’s chat can be provided. Should any problems arise during the day, ReloDrive will notify the RMC.

Expat Car Leasing entails Personal Car Shopper Service for individual car leasing. Guidance, quotes, test-drives, registration and delivery.

Long-term Car Rental: Many expats need 30 to 60 days of car rental until a long-term lease is in place.

Chauffeur Service: Let your assignee optimize their time  while a chauffeur safely drives them to their appointments

Airport Transfer: Let one of our chauffeurs safely bring your assignee to their destination in comfort.

Want to learn more about the ReloDrive Services or receiving pricing information?

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