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ReloDrive: An alliance of forward thinking companies

Klippa Relocation has formed an alliance with ExpatRide to launch a new business - This safe, affordable and responsive way for people to settle into a new destination is applicable across 53 countries and removes the need to be personally chaperoned by an agent upon arrival – a vital elimination in our new global normal.

“Relocating on an international basis has changed drastically over the course of 2020. We have been offering remote services since 2017, however when Jesper Lovendahl of ExpatRide approached us with his idea of combining our services with the Tripit app and his transportation solutions. We quickly saw the need to push our concept forward and create a new style of destination service provider. One that respects social distancing, yet offers a bespoke relocation solution,” says Rupert Houghton at Klippa Relocation.

ReloDrive starts in the most personal and methodical of fashions with an in-depth briefing – albeit from a social distance, if required – but moves to a tailored app-based service as soon as the relocator is on the move. “We have eliminated the need for anyone to have to meet with an agent yet ensured our service provides the same level of ‘hand holding’ reassurance and guidance you would expect from an in-person appointment,” says Rupert. “We don’t see this as just a product for the Covid-19 era, we see it as the natural progression of destination services.”

Rupert goes on to say that ReloDrive was largely formulated and finalised in consultation with its global team during the lockdown period, giving it a competitive edge over more traditional set ups. “We don’t think any other destination service provider has been able to tailor its services or evolve as quickly as ReloDrive, as we have been creating our offering in real time to accommodate a whole new set of relocation conditions.”

ReloDrive is based on a simple three-step process, designed to give confidence and peace-of-mind from the moment a relocation is confirmed.

  • Step 1 - Plan: an in-depth briefing with a country-specific ReloDrive specialist takes place in good time before departure – either by video call, telephone conversation or an in-person meeting – whichever method suits the relocator and the circumstances best.

  • Step 2 – Guide: the relocator downloads the tried and trusted Triplt app, which is accompanied by an instructional video and installation guide. The app populates with a personalised itinerary, which syncs with the assignee’s calendar and contains flight alerts, rental car information and a guide to the final destination. The itinerary can also include setting up utilities and broadband; applying for parking permits; identifying local amenities; opening bank accounts; guidance on healthcare and insurances; and driver’s license exchange and local registration, if required.

  • Step 3 – Pace: ReloDrive is designed to assist relocators without an agent by their side. The Triplt app’s navigator function works as soon the relocator takes the rental car’s driving seat, helping them to find their way around and to acclimatize to their new surroundings - no need for a ‘meet and greet’ from an agent. The individual can then work through their itinerary at a pace that suits, knowing their ‘to do’ list is on screen and updated in real time.

HR directors and personal managers have access to a comprehensive ‘essential’ relocation package that can be upgraded on a case-by-case basis to suit each individual. As follows:-

The Essential Package

  • Two days of familiarization & settling-in services

  • Rental car for one week, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before collection

  • Customized digital full-day itinerary

  • Welcome pack with helpful local information

Add-on Services

  • Home finding

  • Move-in package

  • Education support

  • WhatsApp chat support

  • Extra itinerary days

  • Expat car leasing

  • Airport transfer

  • Chauffeur service

  • Long-term rental car

If you’d like to know more about ReloDrive and how we can deliver an end-to-end relocation service - from the moment it is decided to relocate a professional to the day they are ready to move on to the next location – contact today.


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