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Pandemic Solutions through ReloDrive

ReloDrive is the Solution to Social Distancing in the Destination Services Industry.

According to the World Health Organization's recommendations, people should avoid the 3Cs: spaces that are closed, crowded or involve close contact.

The risks of getting COVID-19 are higher in crowded and inadequately ventilated spaces where infected people spend long periods of time together in close proximity. Assignees spending prolonged time together with an in-person agent in a poorly ventilated car falls in this category. In fact, in most countries having a Destination Agent in the vehicle with the assignee is either against the law or strongly discouraged.

With the rise of the pandemic, the need for safe and affordable destination services has become apparent. Through the use of the preferred app by executive business travelers, ReloDrive provides assignees a digital itinerary which allows them to settle in while adhering to social distancing recommendations. ​ Assignees can complete many of their destination services independently at their own pace.

What if the assignee wants human support that not even the best app can offer?

ReloDrive is aware that technology certainly has its limitations compared with an actual person with real-life experience.

For this reason, ReloDrive offers the assistance of locally anchored Area Specialists, whom will provide assignees personal assistance when needed. All communication is handled via text messages and phone calls. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the ReloDrive team provide 24-hour telephone and email support.

Want to learn more about the ReloDrive Services?

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