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Introduction to ReloDrive - Presentation

Training / Intro video on the ReloDrive services and operation. Settle in Faster at Your Own Pace™

Relocation Support Services in 53 Countries Worldwide

Engaging an in-person agent for their time is costly. Services can be generic, are often time-constrained, and with little flexibility for the assignee. Couple this with the problems that social distancing can bring - we do not recommend traveling in a car with other people outside of your family unit.

In contrast, the ReloDrive service is safe and affordable. Through the use of the preferred app by executive business travelers, assignees can independently complete many of their destination services. We provide assignees with a tailored transportation solution and a digital itinerary that allows them to settle in at their own pace.​

Area Familiarization & Settling-in Service A simple 3-step process combined in The Essential Package, including transportation. Assignees are provided with a customized, real-time digital itinerary that incorporates navigation and syncs with the assignee’s calendar.

According to the assignee’s needs, we schedule all the essential appointments to start their new life. The itinerary can include local government registration, home finding, education support, local banking, and other useful services.

This is what makes ReloDrive a cut above the rest! We are a specialized global mobility solution servicing corporations and Relocation Management Companies with their international assignees. SHOW LESS


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