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What About the Human Touch?

ReloDrive has brought a new concept to the Destination Services Industry; assignees using technology to independently complete most of the tasks at hand.

The idea is to allow assignees to use an easy app that will show them everything they need, at their own pace, without the high cost and time-constraints. ReloDrive uses the travel industry's best itinerary platform TripIt Pro to deliver a user-friendly experience on smartphones, tablets, and computers. ​

What About the Human Touch?

What if the assignee wants human support that not even the best app can offer?

ReloDrive is aware that technology certainly has its limitations compared with an actual person with real-life experience. For this reason, ReloDrive offers the assistance of locally anchored Area Specialists, whom will provide assignees personal assistance when needed.

ReloDrive has a thorough screening process for hiring new Area Specialists. Not only do we ensure that they are adequately trained and conduct a background check, but Area Specialists also need to have experience in the field.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, the ReloDrive team provide 24-hour telephone and email support.

Meet some of our wonderful Area Specialist here.

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