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ReloDrive - Preferred by Professionals

ReloDrive provides assignees with a tailored transportation solution and a digital itinerary.

Instead of following an in-person agent in tow, why not allow assignees to use the easy TripIt app to show them everything they need, at their own pace, without the high cost and time-constraints?

TripIt is not an app for millennials, but a useful tool for professionals whom travel for work. As a matter of fact, most TripIt users are Director level and up. These higher-level professionals need their itineraries organized and readily accessible in their mobile phones and laptops.

ReloDrive was Created by a Traveling Professional

The concept of ReloDrive was designed by our CEO, Jesper Lovendahl. As a frequent traveler, Jesper discovered the useful features of the TripIt App. Not only did it help him organize his flight information and rental car reservations, but the app also included an itinerary with meetings and important notes. Since the app has navigation and reminders, there was no risk of missing important appointments. Jesper quickly realized that the app would be perfect for foreign professionals relocating to a new country.

The Best Travelling App

Instead of creating our own stand-alone app for ReloDrive, we chose the one preferred the most by frequent travelers. The TripIt app has over 20 million downloads and is the highest rated trip planner.

This is an app that the assignee will find valuable for their own future travels. TripIt is developed by SAP Concur, part of SAP SE a multi-billion-dollar software company.

With 20 million downloads, many assignees already have the Tripit Pro app installed.

The TripIt app has built-in security protection. The personal information is encrypted and located in a secure SAS70 Type II certified data center.

TripIt Pro App features:

  • Real-time updates directly to assignee’s device

  • Sync plans with assignee's calendar

  • Use the app for future business trips for free

  • Interactive map integration

  • Share itinerary with family/co-workers

  • Access across devices

  • Shows neighborhood safety scores

  • Sends real-time flight alerts

  • Provides country-specific travel info

  • Finds Points of Interest near your location

Want to learn more about the ReloDrive Services?

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